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Rx drug costs are a peril to young and old alike

To the Editor: The issue of prescription drug costs is far-reaching in New Hampshire and a problem that affects both young and old. One out of five of our citizens has to ration medications because they cannot afford to take their prescribed full dose. For many it becomes a matter of paying for meds, food or housing.

Last week, the state Senate unanimously passed an omnibus bill (HB 1280) that contains much relief for many, but in particular made huge strides in the out-of-pocket cost of insulin. It brings a cap for what each refill costs and takes away consideration toward deductibles. This will bring much relief to my young friend and his family who have struggled to pay for his insulin, something he has needed since before he was two years old.

I want to thank every senator for doing the right thing for New Hampshire. I now want to urge the state House of Representatives to follow the Senate’s lead and on June 30 please vote “yes” on HB 1280.

In addition to insulin cost containment, it also allows for importation of certain medications and creates more pricing transparency and establishment of a drug affordability board.



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