2020 Consumer Resource Guide: How to Access Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Benefits

(4/24/2020): New Futures and the UNH Law-Institute for Health Policy and Practice have released our 2020 Consumer Resource Guide on How to Access Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Benefits. The purpose of the Guide is to help individuals and families access needed treatment services. 

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Getting help in a time of need can seem overwhelming. To help individuals and families obtain needed care, the Guide provides detailed information on how to navigate health insurance coverage for mental health and substance use disorders. Specifically, it addresses mental health parity and how to find treatment, enroll in health insurance, make sure treatment services are covered, and appeal when coverage is denied. It is updated and enhanced to reflect consumer feedback and changes in law and practice, and now includes information about New Hampshire's Medicaid Managed Care Organizations, the Doorways, and other resources, as well as a more detailed section intended to assist providers in helping their clients and patients.