By providing small field grants and advocacy stipends, New Futures hopes to increase participation and engagement from regional partners, increasing the profile of early childhood issues across the state. Field Grants will be awarded to support (1) Coalition Participation and (2) Individual Advocacy, to allow partners and individuals to directly participate in state level advocacy and lobbying activities around identified early childhood policy priorities.

In addition to the national data book, the Annie E. Casey Foundation released supplemental county-level data to paint a more granular picture of the health and wellness of Granite State children and families.

Annie E. Casey KIDS COUNT Data Center
The KIDS COUNT data center gives you access to the latest New-Hampshire based data on child and family health and well-being.

2019 New Hampshire Kids Count Data Book
This report includes New Hampshire-specific data about child health and wellbeing, including key takeaways and policy recommendations.

2018 KIDS COUNT Data Book
The national report focuses on key trends in child well-being and gives policymakers recommendations for ensuring healthy children and families.

Prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences, Prevent Substance Misuse
Rebecca Woitkowski, New Futures Kids Count, compiles research on Adverse Childhood Experiences and the link to substance misuse later in life and provides recommended policy change.

Spark NH Framework for Action
Spark NH gives ten New Hampshire-based recommendations to ensure that all of New Hampshire's children are healthy, learning, and thriving.

Parental Substance Use in New Hampshire
The New Hampshire-specific report discusses the impact of parental substance misuse on Granite State kids and what we can be doing to support whole families.

As Opioid Use Climbs, Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Rises in New Hampshire
This New Hampshire-based report shows the rise of Granite State babies born with NAS and details actions we can take to turn the tide.

Investing in the Early Years
The RAND Corporation provides a research report on the costs and benefits of investing in Early Childhood Education in New Hampshire.

Early Childhood Community Engagement
This NH Listens Summary Report outlines NH's early childhood public engagement and recommendations.