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Medicaid expansion ensures all Granite Staters have access to health care. 

The future of Medicaid expansion is in the hands of New Hampshire lawmakers in 2023. Without reauthorization by the state legislature, Medicaid expansion will expire on December 31, 2023 and thousands of Granite Staters will lose access to their health insurance. 

A 2023 Senate Bill (SB 263) calls for the permanent reauthorization of Medicaid expansion. 

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The Senate Finance Committee has given SB 263 a 7-0 Ought to Pass recommendation. The bill heads back to the Senate floor on Thursday, March 23rd!

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  • Since the program was launched in 2014 as part of the Affordable Care Act, more than 219,000 Granite Staters have used Medicaid expansion to access health care services. Over 90,000 adults aged 19-64 are currently getting the health care they need and deserve thanks to the program. Expanded Medicaid is available to individuals who earn $18,075 or less per year (or less than $36,908 for a family of four). 
  • Through Medicaid expansion, enrollees are able to access physical, mental, dental, and recovery health services, fill prescriptions, and seek emergency care. Insurance plans are provided by AmeriHealth Caritas New Hampshire, NH Healthy Families, or WellSense Health Plan. 
  • Medicaid expansion is New Hampshire's best tool in the fight against the ongoing substance use and mental health crisis. The program has helped expand the state's substance use and mental health treatment capacity. 

WMUR: New Hampshire state Senate unanimously approves permanent renewal of Medicaid expansion program (3/10/23) 

The New Hampshire state Senate voted unanimously Thursday to approve the permanent renewal of the Medicaid expansion program. The state's expanded Medicaid program provides health care coverage to 50,000 to 60,000 low-income Granite States and it was up for renewal this year.

Opinion: Fiscal responsibility drives our Granite Advantage (Foster's Daily Democrat, 3/3/23) 

Sen. Jim Gray: The cost of health care has been a historically harsh reality for families across the United States, and it’s not only an issue for the uninsured.

Opinion: What if Medicaid expansion isn’t reauthorized? Ask your doctor – they’ll tell you. (Union Leader, 1/30/23) 

Dr. Meredith Milligan, a family physician, discusses the importance of health insurance for her patients and highlights the importance of Medicaid Expansion. 

NH Bulletin: Analysis find Medicaid expansion a boon for public health, workforce, hospitals (1/20/23)

Continuing Medicaid expansion has done more than improve recipients’ health through earlier cancer screenings, increased dental treatment, and enhanced pregnancy care, according to the analysis

Opinion: Medicaid expansion should be permanent in NH (Union Leader, published 1/18/23)

Christopher Kozak, president of Community Partners in Dover, a member of the Community Behavioral Health Association, highlights the importance of Medicaid expansion in New Hampshire, especially for those receiving treatment for mental health and substance use disorders. 

NH Bulletin: With Medicaid expansion back before lawmakers, supporters point to all that’s at stake (published 1/5/23)

Health care for tens of thousands of New Hampshire residents is on the line this year, with the Legislature set to debate the renewal of expanded Medicaid.

WMUR: New Hampshire lawmakers to consider whether to renew expanded Medicaid (aired 1/4/23)

Health care for tens of thousands of New Hampshire residents is on the line this year, with the Legislature set to debate the renewal of expanded Medicaid.

Union Leader: Single mom give emotional testimony for Medicaid expansion (published 1/4/23)

Amber MacQuarrie, a single mother of two from Dublin, said getting health coverage under Medicaid expansion became her lifeline after serious family health problems led to her losing a business and a rented home.

Concord Monitor: Reauthorization of expanded Medicaid seen as critical to New Hampshire’s mental health crisis, state’s workforce (published 1/4/23)

New Hampshire’s healthcare professionals, advocates, and Medicaid recipients pushed the state to reauthorize the Medicaid expansion, which is set to expire at the end of this year, at a press conference on Wednesday in the Legislative Office Building.

InDepth NH: Business Leaders, Advocates Call for Reauthorization of Medicaid Expansion (published 1/4/23)

Healthcare providers and business leaders called for the reauthorization of Medicaid expansion in New Hampshire as the new legislative session begins.

NHPR: NH Lawmakers have lots on their plate this year (published 1/2/23)

NHPR highlights Medicaid expansion as one of the many policy issues that with demand lawmakers' attention this legislative session. 

NH Business: Political decisions about health care (aired 11/27/22)

Fred Kocher is joined by Courtney Tanner and David Juvet to discuss how upcoming political decisions will impact health care in the Granite State.

  • Tuesday, January 17, 2023 (7:00 pm): Medicaid Expansion Community Briefing (virtual) 
    Join leading health care providers, advocates, and consumers to learn more about the role Medicaid expansion plays in New Hampshire to increase health coverage and lower health costs, some of the key political considerations that have shaped the program in the past, and how each of us can work together to protect this critical health care program going forward.

    Bi-State Primary Care Association’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Tess Kuenning, will moderate the webinar, and our speakers will include Deborah H. Fournier, JD, Senior Associate, Health Law & Policy, Institute for Health Policy & Practice at UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law; Dr. Vasuki Nagaraj, Chief Medical Officer and Family Physician at Lamprey Health Care in Nashua; and Amber MacQuarrie, Medicaid Expansion participant and patient advocate.