Areas of Focus

New Futures supports state and local policies that promote New Hampshire's public health, improve prevention, treatment, and recovery programs, and increase healthy early childhood development. Our policy perspectives are grounded in evidence-based areas of focus that are proven to raise public health outcomes. 

New Futures supports public policies in substance use disorder, health, and early childhood issue areas that:

Substance Use Disorder Policy

  • Fund prevention, treatment and recovery services for New Hampshire citizens.
  • Ensure access to treatment and recovery services for all New Hampshire citizens in need of substance use disorder services.
  • Reduce youth access to drugs and alcohol.

Health Policy

  • Provide adequate and affordable health services to New Hampshire citizens.
  • Integrate behavioral health, substance misuse, and primary care services.

Early Childhood Policy

  • Allow all of New Hampshire's children access to quality, affordable early childhood development programs.
  • Expand access to proven and effective Home Visiting programs and Family Resource Centers of Quality.
  • Ensure New Hampshire's children stay safe and start strong.

Children's Behvioral Health Policy

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