2020 Press Clips

december 2020


Manchester Ink Link New Futures welcomes new board members

Union Leader (12/18/20) My Turn: A five-point plan for a healthy state budget

Concord Monitor (12/19/20) A five-point plan for a healthy state budget


Union Leader (12/6/20) Vaping regulations, teen use remain hot topics



Union Leader (11/5/20) Epidemic of binge drinking since COVID shutdown


NHPR (11/14/20) Update: Opioid Crisis and Addiction Treatment in N.H. 

Sentinel Source (11/18/20) NH recovery centers struggle to balance dueling epidemics 


Union Leader (11/22/20) Advocates seek doubling of food stamp help in December 


Access to Treatment

Valley News (10/3/20) Fatal overdoses down in NH in 2019 

NHPR (10/7/20) Americans Are Drinking 14% More Often During Pandemic, Study Finds

Concord Monitor (10/31/20) N.H. marijuana support is hazy in state senate races


Concord Monitor (10/1/20) Youth mental health program stalled as children fill emergency departments


Enterprise (10/11/20) Letter: Choices for Nov. 3 

InDepthNH (10/20/20) Part 2: Nursing Home Ratings in New Hampshire

InDepthNH (10/23/20) A Storm is Brewing for N.H. Nursing Homes

september 2020

Alcohol & Other Drugs

Laconia Daily Sun (9/9/20) Minimum age to purchase tobacco is now 21

Carriage Town News (9/4/20) Plan to End Youth Vaping in NH

Fosters (9/3/20) Coronavirus pandemic increasing depression, substance abuse

Access to treatment

NH Business Review (9/21/20) Kelly Burch: Telehealth settles in for the long haul in New Hampshire


Sentinel Source (9/12/20) It's time for a fresh look at aging

August 2020

NF quoted

Sentinel Source (8/28/20) An alarming reversal: Funds are needed to get New Hampshire's substance-abuse efforts back on course

Concord Monitor (8/19/20) - Overdose deaths still high in New Hampshire

Concord Monitor (8/15/20) - My Turn: The high cost of COVID-19 to substance abuse treatment and recovery providers

Alcohol & Other Drugs

Conway Daily Sun (8/24/20) - New Hampshire launches “Save Your Breath” anti-vaping campaign

Fosters (8/5/20) - NH tobacco age raised to 21 after push by Sen. Watters, Dover youth

Access to treatment

Seacoast Online (8/6/20) - Emergency doctors cheer growth of telemedicine

July 2020

NF quoted

Sentinel Source (7/22/20) - NH drug treatment providers struggling financially amid pandemic 

NHPR (7/20/20) - N.H.'s Drug Treatment Providers Report Financial Turmoil Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

Concord Monitor (7/20/20) - Report finds substance abuse treatment providers struggling 

Concord Monitor (7/14/20) - Overdose deaths up compared to 2019

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript (7/14/20) - Issues in the recovery community from COVID-19

Concord Monitor (7/8/20) - New Hampshire alcohol sales up 10% during pandemic, worrying advocates

Union Leader (7/8/20)- Hits to substance abuse programs could take years to recover 

Union Leader (7/2/20) - State House Dome: As mission nears success, reopening group ramps down 

Alcohol & Other Drugs

Union Leader (7/15/20) - Letter: Time is now to curb smoking

Carriage Towne News (7/2/20) - Why Tobacco 21 Legislation is so Critical for NH


Conway Daily Sun (7/20/20)- Senate Democrats’ bill to address skyrocketing prescription drug costs signed into law

AARP (7/20/20) - New Hampshire Caps Insulin Costs, Backs Drug Importation

Seacoast Online (7/16/20) - Gov. Sununu signs bill to import prescription drugs to NH from Canada

Access to treatment

mHealth Intelligence (7/23/20) - NH Permanently Extends Telehealth Coverage, Including Payment Parity

NHPR (7/22/20) - Gov. Sununu Signs Bill Cementing COVID-19 Telemedicine Rules Into State Law

The Telegraph - Bipartisan legislation to expand telehealth sent to governor

Concord Monitor (7/16/20) - Bill may cement telehealth coverage

June 2020

NF quoted

Concord Monitor (6/30/20) - Task force forwards recommendations for students to return to classes in fall

Public News Service (6/29/20) - Report: NH Ranked 2nd for Child Well-Being 

Ripon Advance News Service (6/26/20) - Fitzpatrick leads Bipartisan Opioid Task Force review of pandemic’s impact on opioid crisis 

Alcohol & Other Drugs

The Cabinet Press (6/13/20) - Pass SB248

Concord Monitor (6/4/20) -  Our Turn: For the state’s health, raise tobacco sales age to 21


Union Leader (6/29/20) - Let's lower our prescription drug costs

Machester Ink Link (6/29/20) - NH taxpayers could save $22 million a year if House votes in favor of HB1280

Union Leader (6/26/20) - Rx drug costs are a peril to young and old

Seacoast Online (6/16/20) - Guest View: NH must address prescription drug affordability now

Access to treatment

Fosters (6/25/20) - Telemedicine is here to stay

Nashua Telegraph (6/20/20) - Telehealth is essential for N.H. health equity

Sentinel Source (6/18/20) - NH Senate votes to expand telehealth services beyond pandemic

NHPR (6/15/20) - N.H. Mental Healthcare Providers Urge Passage Of Bill To Expand Telemedicine Beyond COVID-19

VOA News (6/4/20) - Telehealth Expansion Could Become Permanent Post-Pandemic

Kids count

Manchester Ink Link (6/10/20) - Senate Education Committee overhauls school disciplinary system

May 2020

Alcohol & Other Drugs

Concord Monitor (5/23/20) - COVID-19 pandemic threatens progress in substance abuse recovery communities in N.H.

Union Leader (5/15/20) - Time to protect children with a statewide tobacco 21 policy

Union Leader (5/2/20) - Too many quarantinis? Some fear long-term effects of increasing alcohol use during pandemic

access to treatment

Seacoast Online (5/29/20) - The future of health care in a post-pandemic world

Nashua Telegraph (5/14/20) - Kuster hosts virtual roundtable focused on ACA

April 2020


Union Leader (4/23/20) - Organizations issue insurance guide

Alcohol & Other Drugs

Concord Monitor (4/21/20) - Our turn: Message of Alcohol Awareness Month more important than ever

Union Leader (4/20/20) - Our turn: Consuming alcohol responsibly amid pandemic remains important

march 2020

Alcohol & Other Drugs

Ireta (3/27/20) - Questioning Alcohol Use as “#SelfCare”: The Sober Curious Movement and Being Mindful About Alcohol Consumption 

Concord Monitor (3/3/20) - My Turn: Youth tobacco use is a public health problem for New Hampshire

NH Business Magazine (March) - Alcohol Abuse Comes With Serious Consequences for People and the Economy


Concord Monitor (3/13/20) - Letter: We must address prescription drug prices

Union Leader (3/1/20) - Letter: Diabetics can't afford insulin

february 2020


Union Leader (2/13/20) - Sununu presses bipartisan themes in annual speech

Alcohol & Other Drugs

Concord Monitor (2/29/20) - Letter: Keep tobacco away from young people

Seacoast Online (2/25/20) - Letter: Raising the tobacco age will help curb smoking

Seacoast Online (2/17/20) - Letter: NH should raise smoking age to 21

Sentinel Source (2/14/20) - Youth coalition hosts session aimed at raising NH tobacco age 

Seacoast Online (2/12/20) - Police chiefs oppose bill to sell pot in NH liquor stores 


Concord Monitor (2/24/20) - Our Turn: Health insurance bait and switch must end

Concord Monitor (2/23/20) - Letter: Support bills to make prescriptions affordable

ABC News (2/11/20) - 'Insulin or death': New Hampshire voters gripped by skyrocketing drug prices

access to treatment

Insurance News Net (2/29/20) - Shaheen warns proposed cuts to Medicaid could impact addiction treatment

Kids Count

Union Leader (2/25/20) - Bill shifts onus to NH parents to opt students out of non-academic surveys

January 2020


Union Leader (1/27/20) 40 Under Forty: Jake Berry

Alcohol & Other Drugs

The Center Square (1/9/20) - Simultaneous changes to New Hampshire, federal smoking laws create confusion

Fosters (1/8/20) - NH Senate votes to raise tobacco age to 21 

Union Leader (1/8/20) - Senate votes to raise tobacco age to 21, no veto threat from Sununu  

Concord Monitor (1/8/20) - New Hampshire trying to comply with federal minimum age for tobacco and vape sales 

Concord Monitor (1/4/20) - New federal law on tobacco sales overrides new state law, to much confusion 


NH Business Review (1/31/20) - New Hampshire’s Canadian conundrum

The New York Times (1/30/20) - Trump Administration Unveils a Major Shift in Medicaid

Union Leader (1/22/20) - Sununu joins forces with potential election rival to fight for lower drug costs 

Concord Monitor (1/21/20) - N.H. considers importing Canadian drugs 

Concord Monitor (1/19/20) - Our Turn: These three bills will ease the burden of high drug prices 

Nashua Telegraph (1/7/20) - Battling the specter of high prescription drug prices 

Access to Treatment

NHPR (1/8/20) - N.H. House Votes to Repeal Medicaid Work Requirement

Kids Count

Union Leader (1/12/20) - More accountable for lead exposure may raise rents, but impact on families is profound 

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