Our Approach

New Futures mission is to  improve the health and wellness of all New Hampshire residents through advocacy, education and collaboration. We work to achieve our mission in a variety of ways: direct and indirect lobbying on policy issues; collaboration with partner organizations on issues related to health, drug and alcohol, and early childhood policies; engaging communities, businesses, families and individuals in advocacy; training New Hampshire citizens to effectively advocate on policy issues; and educating the public and policymakers on topics related to our mission. Our policy positions are based on the best available science and data, and are informed by actively listening to the citizens they impact. 

Whether the aim is to pass or prevent passage of legislation on a particular health issue, defend against cuts to critical public programs, or educate a particular group about the impact of a law or regulation, we strive for excellence in six advocacy capacities.


New Futures recognizes that coordination and partnerships with stakeholders are crucial to achieving its mission. Our organization collaborates and provides support for nonprofits with aligned missions. We believe that by working together we can achieve our vision of a State and local communities where public policies support prevention, treatment and recovery oriented efforts to reduce alcohol and other drug problems.



Jim Monahan, of the DuPont Group, explains the role of lobbyists in New Hampshire