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Concord Monitor (12/3/18) - The high costs of legalizing marijuana in New Hampshire

Union Leader (11/3/18) - Critics complain pot report is roadmap to legalization

NHPR (11/2/18) - With Final Report N.H. Pot Legalization Due, Commission Looks to Avoid Consensus

Union Leader (9/17/18) - Opioid crisis places strain on grandparents forced to raise their grandchildren

WMUR (9/17/18) - Grandparents raising grandchildren because of opioid epidemic share stories

Union Leader (9/13/18) - HB 143 Veto Overriden

Concord Monitor (8/28/28) - Michele Merritt: More steps to prevent substance misuse

Manchester Ink Link (8/27/18) - A cornucopia of health care news and views

Keene Sentinel (8/18/18) - Marijuana is topic; awareness, discussion the aim

Laconia Daily Sun (8/16/18) - Laconia envisioned as regional hub for drug treatment and recovery

AP (8/15/18) - New Hampshire crafts spending plan for opioid response grant

Union Leader (7/29/18) - First in the Nation, with room to improve

Rewire (7/10/18) - With New Hampshire's Medicaid Expansion Work Requirements, 'People Will Lose Coverage'

Route Fifty (7/4/18) - Which state ranks highest for child well-being? 

Valley News (6/28/18) - Survey: N.H. Top in Kids' Welfare

WMUR (6/27/18) - Child well-being survey ranks New Hampshire first in US

Public New Service (6/27/18) - NH Tops for Children's Well-Being, but Census Change Raises Concerns

Fosters (6/27/18) - New Hampshire No. 1 in child well-being

Union Leader (6/27/18) - NH ranks first in Kids Count survey of children's well-being

Union Leader (6/22/18) - Prison drug treatment saves lives and makes us safer

Concord Monitor (6/6/18) - Report: Percent of children taken from families from substance abuse doubled in 4 years

Union Leader (6/5/18) - Beyond the Stigma: Opioid epidemic separating more children from their parents

WMUR (6/5/18) - Study shows increasing pressure on families from opioid crisis

Foster's (6/5/18) - Opioid crisis throws grandparents into caregiving positions, study says

WMUR (5/3/18) - NH House passes Medicaid expansion bill

Concord Monitor (5/3/18) - N.H. House quickly passes Medicaid expansion bill

Manchester Ink Link (5/3/18) - Medicaid Expansion Passes NH House

NHPR (5/3/18) - N.H. Houses Passes Medicaid Expansion Bill

Public News Service (5/2/18) - Granite Staters Rally for Medicaid Expansion

U.S. News (5/2/18) - Medicaid Expansion Supporters Rally Ahead of Key Vote

Concord Monitor (5/2/18) - Supporters of expanded Medicaid rally at State House

Union Leader (4/28/18) - Tough issues still to be resolved at the State House

Derry News (4/25/18) - Medicaid expansion chat joins legislators, community members

Keene Sentinel (4/23/18) - Local mental-health organization makes case for Medicaid expansion

WMUR (4/19/18) - Drug courts, Safe Stations at risk if Medicaid expansion is repealed

Manchester Ink Link (4/6/18) - Sununu: ‘Debate is over’ as Alcohol Fund gets 5 year/$50M boost from NH Hospital Asso.

NHPR (4/6/18) - N.H. Hospitals Pledge to Top Off Alcohol Fund for 5 Years

WMUR (4/6/18) - NH hospitals will provide $50 million in drug treatment funding

WMUR (4/5/18) - NH House gives initial nod to Medicaid expansion bill

Seacoast Online (4/1/18) - Toolkits to help moms with SUD

WMUR (3/28/18) - Amended Medicaid expansion heading to House floor

Manchester Ink Link (3/28/18) - A healthy path forward on state's mental health and addiction crisis

The Fix (3/27/18) - Alcohol Issues Overshadowed by Opioid Crisis in New Hampshire

Concord Monitor (3/22/18) - N.H. House punts on marijuana legalization; opts for further study

WMUR (3/22/18) - As opioid crisis persists, alcoholism still state's biggest addiction problem

U.S. News (3/20/18) - Expanded Medicaid Supporters Emphasize Role in Drug Crisis

Public News Service (3/20/18) - NH House Begins Debate on Medicaid Expansion

NHPR (3/12/18) - N.H. House Panel Wants Pot Legalization Bill Shelved

Manchester Ink Link (3/8/18) - Senate passes Granite Advantage Health Care program

Seacoast Online (3/1/18) - Pot legalization bill may be tabled for this year

WMUR (2/19/18) - Policy battles over Medicaid Expansion ramp up ahead of hearing

Concord Monitor (1/31/18) - My Turn: High rates of drug use make this state an island

Seacoast Online (1/27/18) - Thumbs up to educating parents

Fosters (1/23/18) - NH debates lowering drinking age to 20

Valley News (1/10/18) - Jim Kenyon: New Liquor Store May Boost 'Aclohol Fund'

WMUR (1/9/18) - NH House gives initial approval for recreational marijuana bill


Concord Monitor (12/19/17) - Legislators announce bills to help cut neonatal abstinence syndrome in newborns 

NHPR (12/19/17) - UNH Report Raises Alarm Over Rise in Opioid Dependency Among Newborns

Union Leader (12/19/17) - Senators unveil bipartisan prescription for opioid-addicted newborns

Associated Press (12/19/17) - Report: Drug crisis taking toll on NH newborns

WMUR (12/19/17) - Report: Fivefold increase in number of NH newborns with drug condition

Seacoast Online (12/8/17) - Hope on Haven Hill celebrates first anniversary

Keene Sentinel (11/29/17) - Keene Family YMCA to host event on helping people with addictions

NHPR (11/16/17) - N.H. Mulls Over Marijuana Legalization

Concord Monitor (11/15/17) - House committee rejects N.H. marijuana legalization bill

Union Leader (11/14/17) - House committee votes against marijuana legalization bill

Foster's Daily Democrat (11/10/17) - Dover residents honored for health advocacy in N.H.

NHPR (11/04/17) - Opioids & Motherhood: A Sadly Familiar Addiction Story

NHPR (10/24/17) - N.H. Makes Progress With Well-Being of Minority Children, But Could Improve

Manchester Ink Link (10/18/17) - Parent Advocacy Day: ‘I myself have changed my mind about an issue after hearing a personal story from someone’

Concord Monitor (8/16/17) - My Turn: The Price of Big Marijuana 

NPR Here & Now (8/3/17) - New Hampshire is no 'drug-infested den,' state leaders say

NHPR (8/4/17) - After Promising to Solve Opioid Crisis, N.H. Advocates Waiting for Trump to Reach Out

Associated Press (8/3/17) - New Hampshire is no 'drug-infested den,' state leaders say

Washington Monthly (7/31/17) - Curbing Substance Misuse

Rewire (7/24/17) - Some States Are Turning the Tide in Funding Child Care-Others Should Follow

Union Leader (7/22/17) - Tuftonboro police chief fires back at pot lobby

NHPR (7/20/17) - New Futures: Decriminalization Bill Includes Strong Teen Use Prevention

NH1 (07/13/17) - Sununu signs bill providing funding for full day kindergarten in NH

Education Week (07/13/17) - Kids Count Report Finds Positive Gains on Child Well-Being, With Areas of Concern

Christian Science Monitor (06/30/17) - One state’s opioid crisis sheds light on national health-care debate

Associated Press (06/28/17) - New Hampshire law gives grandparents custody preference

NH Journal (06/19/17) - NH ranked best state to raise children, but some state officials say more needs to be done

NH1 (6/16/17) - 1st of its kind in NH: Bill signed creating syringe swapping program

Union Leader (06/15/17) - House, Senate negotiators reach deal on $11.7b budget

CNN (06/14/17) - These states are the best, worst for raising children

Concord Monitor (06/14/17) - Republican budget negotiators finalize $11.7 billion budget

NHPR (06/09/17) - As Final Negotiations Begin, Here's Where Key N.H. Budget Issues Stand

NH Journal (06/06/17) - Alcohol Fund Becomes Latest Political Battle for N.H. Lawmakers During Budget Process

Concord Monitor (05/29/17) - Needle exchanges soon to be law but face limited resources

Foster's Daily Democrat (05/28/17) - NH moves closer to decriminalizing pot

Concord Monitor (05/26/17) - Advocates: Money doesn’t match rhetoric when it comes to Trump, opioids

WMUR (05/26/17) - Shaheen, Hassan discuss opposition to Trump budget in Concord

WMUR (05/25/17) - 'Keno-garten' amendment proposes new way to fund kindergarten

NH Journal (05/18/17) - Grandfamilies in New Hampshire and What They Have to Do With the Opioid Crisis

Keene Ledger Transcript (05/16/17) - Local and state officials discuss opioid crisis

NH1 (05/09/17) - Sununu and HHS Secy. Price teaming up to hear directly about NH's drug crisis war

Concord Monitor (05/09/17) - Shaheen and Hassan: Focus on fixing Affordable Care Act, don’t repeal

Concord Monitor (05/09/17) - Trump pledged to solve the opioid crisis, but is proposing to cut programs that combat it

(05/09/17) - New Futures report discussed live on air

Concord Monitor (05/08/17) - N.H. Loses Billions Each Year Due to Drugs and Alcohol

NH Charitable Foundation (05/08/17) - Economic Cost of Substance Misuse in N.H.: $2.36 Billion Annually

Union Leader (05/08/17) - Substance abuse report claims addiction has NH's economy on the nod

NHPR (05/08/17) - Report: Substance Misuse in N.H. Takes $2.3 Billion Toll on State's Economy

Senator Hassan (05/08/17) - Senator Hassan Statement on New Futures’ Report Detailing Economic Impact of Alcohol and Drug Misuse

Union Leader (05/07/17) - NH cost of drug, alcohol abuse: $2.36 billion

NH Journal (05/07/17) - House Approves Full-Day Kindergarten

Union Leader (04/11/17) - Bradley wants to put the criminal back in pot decriminalization

NHPR (04/24/17) - N.H. Continues To Make Millions Off Alcohol, But Spends Little To Curb Impact

NHPR (04/11/17) - N.H. Senate Weighs Whether to Loosen State's Marijuana Laws

Foster's Daily Democrat (04/05/17) - Rallying for Life Saving Treatment

Foster's Daily Democrat (04/05/17) - Alcohol Fund must be fully funded

Union Leader (03/25/17) - NH alcohol fund faces repeal effort

NH Journal (03/23/17) - House Finance Committee Takes Ax to Gov. Sununu’s Budget Proposal

Concord Monitor (03/ /17) - Editorial: A costly vice for the state

SAM, Smart Approaches to Marijuana Policies (3/17/17) - Marijuana Legalization Bill Defeated in New Hampshire

Union Leader (3/16/17) - NH Business Newsreel: BIA to host legislative forum in Concord

NHPR (02/28/17) - Will Stricter Penalties for Dealers Help Stem N.H.'s Drug Epidemic?

NHPR (02/17/17) - Loosening N.H.'s Marijuana Laws Gets Broad Support During House Hearing

NH Journal (02/15/17) - Dems. Criticize Sununu for Not Fully Funding Alcohol Fund, but Previous Dem. Govs. Also Didn’t Fully Fund It

Concord Monitor (02/12/17) - Sununu’s budget proposal includes funding boost for developmentally disabled 

New York Times (02/10/17) - Addiction Treatment Grew Under Health Law. Now What?
 -- This story also appeared in various media outlets across the country including the

Seacoast Online (02/09/17) - Share concerns over possible repeal of ACA

NH Journal (02/08/17) - Advocates Say Fully Financing NH Alcohol Fund is Crucial To Stopping Opioid Crisis

NH Public Radio (02/08/17) - What to Watch For as New Hampshire's Budget Season Gets Underway

Union Leader (02/07/17) - Legislators urged to restore law that funded drug treatment programs

Concord Monitor (02/07/17) - Lawmakers add money to alcohol fund for substance abuse treatment

WMUR (02/07/17) - Advocates urge lawmakers to fully fund longstanding state commitment to alcohol, drug abuse prevention, treatment

Union Leader (02/07/17) - Needle exchange bill gets backing in Concord

NH Senate (02/07/17) - RELEASE: Senator Kahn Advocates Full Funding of State’s Alcohol Fund to Provide Critical Prevention and Treatment Resources

NHPR (02/02/17) - Loosening N.H.'s Marijuana Laws Gets Broad Support During House Hearing

Union Leader (02/02/17) - Bill to decriminalize pot has bipartisan support

Concord Monitor (02/01/17) - After 10 years, N.H. opposition to marijuana decriminalization fading away

Union Leader (01/25/17) - Expansion of medical marijuana program debated at State House